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Vidya Mandir School

Vanitha lost her mother to the fire accident at a young age. She is not only good at academics but also is an exceptional dancer.


Anjali lost her father at a young age. Her mother wants to support only her son and is not interested in supporting the academic requirement of her daughter.


Sujata lost both her parents in childhood. She was under the guidance of her grandfather for few years. After his demise, the family doomed into poverty. She is good at academics and is an exceptional dancer.


Sushmita has both her parents but her mother is often sick. In spite of all the hardships she faces at home, she is among the highly performing students in academics. She is involved in games and sports.

M. Mounika

M. Mounika lost her father and has a big family. Her mother is unable to bear her educational expenses due to poverty. She is excellent academically and Karate.

Leela Rani

Leela Rani comes from a poor background with lack of access to basic necessities. She is excellent in academics and a leader in making. She manages all the events conducted in the school through her good anchoring skills.

Junior Intermediate Students

Senior Intermediate Students